Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Few Updates

Baby Tuley #3- We had an appointment last week and everything looks really good. I cannot believe I am half way through. We did not find out the sex; I feel as though it gives this pregnancy a little something different. And besides, when I did look, the legs were closed. Still measuring for March 25, 2009, but I don't put much stock in due dates. The only cause for concern was the placenta was close to the opening of my cervix, which I had with John David and in 90% of the cases they move up. They will take a look again and see if it has, if not then I guess bed rest for me....which how in the world does that work with a 3 yr. old and 16 month old?

Mom- Many of you know my mom had a bad fall after Kaylinn's first birthday which resulted in a nasty compound fracture. I thought compound, using my English skills, meant more than one break. So when Meg and I met her at the hospital, imagine my surprise to find out that it means the bone came through the skin. Anyways, two surgeries and a few experts later have decided that the bone is not healing and fusing the way it should. While her doctor is investigating why the bone isn't fusing, they have decided that another surgery is a must. So after Thanksgiving she will undergo her third surgery. Please pray for this next surgery success. Also, this is a good time of year to remind all you who are decorating.....DO NOT stand on the very top of a ladder (the part where it says "This is not a step"). My mom would appreciate me warning all of you.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Good Friends

This past weekend some great friends of ours, the Hicks, came in town, which gave the Crider's a perfect reason to have us over to their new house. It was blessing to be able to catch up with friendships David and I made when we were first married and no kids. It's amazing to see where God has put us and how our families have grown. We love you all!!!

Families from left to right: Criders, Hicks, Leesers, us, Mays
The girls: Erin, Whitney, me, Fran, Lisa

We were able to get most of the kids in a picture. From Left to right: Miley holding her sister Coley, Kaylinn holding on to John David, Avery holding Lincoln. Missing from picture due to bedtime: Olivia, Avery's sister.


We had a quiet but great Halloween. Our good friend, Shannon, had us over for a wonderful playdate lunch. We had a blast; thank you Shannon!!!

We were the first ones out trick or treating, and Kaylinn LOVED it. We didn't hit that many much candy does one really need?

This is the reason Shannon was only able to take a couple of pictures. By the way I caught Kaylinn looking at herself in the mirror at the party, and yes, she was singing like Ariel!

The little mermaid and the fisherman showing us his catch.

All the kiddos; still can't believe there were no tears in this picture!

This is last years Halloween picture. After David saw John David, he said "No more wigs and for sure no more makeup!"

Raggedy Anne and Andy in 2007....aren't they precious! Although, all of Kaylinn's friends were scared of her because they didn't know who she was.