Monday, March 30, 2009

41 weeks

Went in to have all the same tests done today that I did on Friday. I feel blessed to say that fluid levels are up and everything looks great. Now if we could just talk this child out! I go back Thursday morning to check on the baby some more. I am also not on bed rest; she told me light duty. I'm really not sure what that means? At least maybe getting up a little more will help get things moving. Thank you for all the prayers!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Donuts with Dad

Since school is out when Father's Day rolls around, Kaylinn's school does Donuts with Dad at the end of February. I made the mistake of talking about it too soon, which made Kaylinn upset when she'd ask (everyday) if daddy was going to school and my answer was not to her satisfaction. She also requested pink donuts with sprinkles for herself and blue donuts with sprinkles for daddy, since he's a boy. I was relieved when she was happy with the donut she got. Kaylinn was SO excited to have daddy come to school with her.


Kaylinn even made her daddy a present.

A picture frame with a picture of her....she was too busy enjoying her donut.

I don't know if you can read this survey Kaylinn filled out about David, but it's hilarious!

My dad is 16 yrs. old.
My dad's favorite color is green.
My dad's favorite food is ketchup.
My dad helps me paint.
My dad's favorite thing to do is race.
When I am with my dad we love to dance.

ACU Sing Song

Towards the end of February, my mom, Kaylinn, and I drove to Abilene to watch Meggan in the old ACU tradition of Sing Song. Each class and club decides what they are going to be and then using costumes, songs, choreography, etc. competes against one another to win the whole thing. They give 3 different performances and then on the final night, the overall winner is announced. Meggan is in the same club that I was, Ko Jo Kai, and she is ALL about being a Kojie. As you can see they were skunks this year. I am proud to say that they won! Meggan is also next year's Kojie VP. I sure am proud of her, and I am so glad she is having so much fun!

Our little skunk...Boogie.

Kaylinn with her Aunt Boogie.

What's that you smell?

Just Meg and her roommate, Carley.

Not the greatest picture, but this is the whole group getting ready to listen to the winner of that afternoon's category.


I took Kaylinn to the dentist, and she did awesome! I couldn't believe how compliant she was with all that was asked of her. I am so glad we went to a Pediatric Dentist.

Kaylinn and John David before we got started.


Kaylinn helped Ms. Linda with Mr. Thirsty.....she LOVED helping!

Dr. Joe Pierce doing a final sweep.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Few Updates

My Mom:
I am so thankful for all who lifted my mom in prayer. This last surgery she went through proves to be paying off. Her doctor made her stay off of her ankle longer, but the bones are fusing together, which they did not see happen with the last surgery. She is up and putting weight on it, and things are looking really well!

As some of you know, Kaylinn has had bouts of unexplainable dizzy spells. The first happened last May, and she has had three episodes since the end of January of this year. David and I have been in prayer about what measures to take. I just got off the phone with a really great family friend who is highly involved with the Texas Children's Pediatric Neurology team who are called "Blue Birds." They deal with some really terrible things in children. Anyways, our friend, Susan, went and talked to Dr. Zellner on our behalf this afternoon (we gave her a complete history of what we have been seeing, along with who we had already taken her to see & what they said, and blood work). Dr. Zellner gave us some great news. He felt very confident that it was a condition called BPPV or Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (sp?), which sounds bad, but basically means that it's an inner ear thing she will eventually grow out of.....YEAH!!! So if you are around Kaylinn and she starts to look really off balance (may even fall) and her eyes are trying to catch the room, just hold her until it's over. She then goes on like nothing ever happened. Praise GOD!!!

Me and Baby Tuley:
Well I am 1 day past my due date, which I just remind myself is just a guess. I was checked today and was 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. So there is some progress. I go in Friday to have an ultrasound to check fluids and have a stress test done. I REALLY DO NOT want to be induced. Please pray for God's timing in the arrival of this baby. I am ready but also great with what God has I think I'll go and have bowl of ice cream!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Here are a few pictures from Kaylinn's class Valentine's party. It is so fun seeing her in a different environment. She loves her class and her teachers. What a blessing!

She only ate the top part with the icing.

Hannah was willing to look at the camera but Kaylinn didn't want anything to do with it.

John David enjoyed the time with his chicken nuggets. It's great that he is SO easy going, well, at least most of the time!

Cotulla, TX.

We took a little trip in the middle of Jan. to visit some friends, the Hehmans. Mike ran my grandfather's hunting place, and David's natural love for hunting made them instant friends. The Hehmans now live in Cotulla, TX. where Mike is doing his best to control the deer popluation for another ranch owner. Brandi and Mike have two precious boys, and were so kind to feed us and open their home. We all had a blast!!!

Kaylinn shooting the deer with a water gun.

From left to right: Chance, John David, Ty, and Kaylinn

John David loved this John Deere tricycle, and he also LOVED seeing the deer come in every night....his daddy was glad to see that.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Year's

We spent New Year's at my most favorite place in the world...the 4-O. A few friends joind us, and we had a blast poppin fireworks, eating good food, playing washers, and making memories.

New Year buddies, Kaylinn and John David!

Aunt Boogie aka my sister, Meggan with her New Year's dates

Amy Lippincott brought silly string for the kids. They loved it!

Left to right: Kaylinn, Carmie, and Brinley watching the fireworks.

Brinley and Carmie snuggling up with David the day after.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I thought since Kaylinn is still singing Christmas songs, it would be okay to upload my Christmas photos. These are not terribly great. I am still figuring out my new camera and waiting to take a class to learn how to use it. I am also still figuring out how to add pictures...these are out of order.

Over at David's Parents. All the kids loved Kaylinn's keyboard.
Left to right: Hudson, Kaylinn, & John David

How sweet! Hudson's already showing what a good sharer he is!

Hudson wasn't too excited about the cousin picture.

I don't think John David let go of that ball all Christmas morning.

All the kids waiting to see what Santa brought them. The 4 matching PJ's are cousins. The 3 boys not matching are brothers and my first cousins!
Kaylinn showing us her dance moves. I wish I had it on film; she kind of reminded me of Elaine dancing on Seinfeld. As soon as she saw this dress my mom got her she HAD to put it on and twirl around. The music she danced to was provided by the ballerina music box Aunt Mary got her. She had a ball!!!

John David peeking inside to see what Annie and Poppie gave him.

Kaylinn getting ready to decorate a gingerbread house, which shamefully I did not get a picture of. We had a gingerbread decorating contest this year. My whole family broke up into teams. My sister, Kaylinn, and I were on one team, and if any of you know Meggan, you know how serious she takes winning (she's not the only one in my family that is this way). If anyone has decorated a gingerbread house with a 3 yr. old, you know how helpful they can be. So to say the least Kaylinn didn't touch the house all that much, but she did eat her fair share of the decorating candy. In the end everyone won some sort of prize for their masterpiece.
I promise next year I will take more and better pictures AND post them before it warms up!