Monday, January 26, 2009

Homemade Slay

We were really bored one Saturday morning, so daddy found a box we weren't using and decided on some instant fun....a slay. Never mind that it was about 80 outside that day. The kids had a blast!

John David wasn't sure what to think at first, especially after falling out.
Not sure if he's picking his nose or what.

Kaylinn ,of course, loved every minute of it!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This post is kind of journalish; sorry!

Today was a beautiful, rare day in that we didn't have anything planned. I am not a person who likes to have my day packed, not that I don't enjoy the occasional play date or outing, but I am much more of a home body who enjoys a slower pace. Although, my days don't often resemble my desire.

The kids and I took a walk up to the park this morning and played together for the first part, and then I sat and observed Kaylinn and John David playing. It was great ..... I felt like I was having one of those rare "stop and smell the roses" kind of moments. Kaylinn was off picking flowers and having a make belief conversation with herself. John David on the other hand was digging, eating dirt and occasionally finding a stick and using it as a golf club/sword. During the 45 minutes of watching my children, Satan almost craftily came in and stole it. I started thinking about something terrible happening to either of them and how I just knew I couldn't survive it. I must admit, I am kind a pessimist. My theory is, if you expect the worst possible in a situation then anything else is better.....not a godly way to perceive life.

Here I was having a perfectly wonderful time and doubt & worry were creeping in; man is Satan good. Praise the Lord! God began speaking at almost the same time. Calmly He assured me; my children are in the best possible hands they could be in...His. And His love for them is greater than even mine. What peace I felt, but it wasn't peace in thinking nothing bad would or could ever happen to Kaylinn or John David, it was peace in knowing God is in control and how freeing that is.

It was a wonderful day & to top it off I ended up with a beautiful bouquet of flowers/weeds!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Meemaw's 75th Birthday

Shortly after celebrating Kaylinn's third birthday, we celebrated my Meemaw's 75th. I've got SO many great memories of my grandparents....too many to list, but I love to think back on the times I was able to spend with them. It was not long ago we were celebrating Meemaw's 70th birthday and listening to the sweet things my grandfather had to say about his bride; we miss him greatly, but it was great time for the family to gather together and praise such a godly woman. I love you Meemaw!!! Here are a few pictures Tiffany Fetter captured.

David and I
Meemaw's long time friends.

My parents and Meemaw.

The grandkids, minus Ben, who's three and was in bed.

The birthday girl; I really hope I look this great at 75. I still have people ask me if she's my mother.

Belated Updates

Okay, so I haven't been all that great in updating the blog, but hopefully with my new camera that will change. The Tuley family has had a great past couple of months.

I'll start with Kaylinn's 3rd Birthday. We had it at the Rukus Room, which is a bounce house type place. Kaylinn loves to jump and still talks about her party...often requesting to watch her birthday video. She also LOVES Ariel, and so it was no surprise when she raked in the little mermaid gear. The other thing she's obsessed with is gum, but up until now we wouldn't really let her chew it because she'd swallow it. David and I told her that when she turned 3, she could try it again. So she was thrilled, to say the least, when her cake had gumballs all the way around it.

The Tuley Family

Nana (David's mom)

4 Generations of women (My mom, Happy Kaylinn, Meemaw, & Me)

The Ariel/Gumball Cake