Sunday, November 29, 2009

Prayer Request

This prayer request is on behalf of another family. When I got home Saturday from celebrating Thanksgiving with my family, I had a chance to check my email and discovered that one of John David's classmate's mom lost her battle with cervical cancer. Please lift the Grant family up in prayer. Thank you!

Monday, November 23, 2009

3 Wild Indians

For Halloween this year the kids went as the 3 little Indians, but I renamed them the 3 wild Indians. I have to say I was not a very good mommy. Kaylinn wanted to go as a princess, so I just slowly planted the idea that she could be Pocahontas if she wanted; I was surprised that she went for it eventually.

We went up to church for the fall festival, and the kids loved it. Later, David took Kaylinn trick-or-treating , while Tonto and I stayed behind to hand out candy. When David and Kaylinn got back, Kaylinn helped in handing out candy and had more fun in the giving than the receiving...shocking since she ask for candy every single morning when she wakes.

The only place in the U.S. where you can get away with wearing a loin cloth in October.

My sis in-law had gotten these for her little boy, not realizing they had purple (she thought they were blue). It worked out perfect for our littlest Indian. Thank you Aunt Chandra!

Really...4 years?

I cannot believe I have a 4 year old! It is such a blessing being Kaylinn's mommy. She is a precious gift to David and I, and I thank God every day for her. Anyone who has ever met Kaylinn knows that she has a mind of her own and has the energy of about 3 kids...I wish I could bottle some. She definitely keeps us on our toes. I just LOVE this little spit-fire of a girl!!!

I was trying to get John David to put his fists on his hips like superman...this was a close as he could get, his armpits.

My sweet mom took cake responsibility from, and boy am I glad she did. She did an AWESOME job, and Kaylinn just loved it!

Kaylinn even helped decorate. Can you guess where?

The best part of the cake was the surprise inside...WOW! ROY G BV came in handy when putting this cake together.

Sweet Carter

A little something for the superheros

And of course something for the princesses!
Kaylinn continues to talk about her party and of course what kind of party she is going to have next year. She had a blast! And each year just gets better.
A few things about our kk:
1. wears size 10 in most shoes, size 11 in tennis shoes
2. writes, draws, throws right handed
3. loves anything with art, especially if it's messy (at the moment enjoys writing letters)
4. 50th percentile in every area of growth and always has been
5. loves her friends but is independent...she does play rough
6. very aware of surroundings, and the more different a person is from her the more likely she is to copy what they are doing or ask questions...very loud questions
7. loves the t.v.
8. will speak her version of Spanish, which is not Spanish
9. loves to dance
10. is all girl but prefers to play with the boys
11. gets up about 5 times after being put in bed at night
12. most days still takes an hour and half nap
13. loves to know what's going to happen during the day when she wakes in the morning
14. bedtime is 7 but usually doesn't go to sleep until 9
15. wakes around my alarm clock
16. acts like she's 16 some days
17. loves, loves her baby sister and most days her brother...she is a great big sis
18. afraid of the dark and bugs
19. favorite thing to eat...anything sweet and gum
20. loves the outdoors and playing in the water
21. enjoys helping in the kitchen, holding doors and getting things for Lissie

Saturday, November 21, 2009

All Things Pumpkin

Of about 20 pictures of all 3 this was as good as it would get.

The only picture of John David somewhat still.

Kaylinn "found" a crown...just like a princess.

Although Lissie can crawl, she's a little more patient with me taking pictures. She is such a serious little thing. I think she was trying to figure out where I was going every time I'd duck behind the camera.

Playing with spiders while carving our pumpkin.


Moby Wrap

It's amazing that even though I've had 3 kids pretty close together, I still find new gadgets that I fall in love with and make life a little easier. My favorite I found this go round and absolutely LOVE is the Moby Wrap. The Bijorn kills my back, and the Easy Sling I could never get to feel secure enough & left me with one arm...which when you have more than one renders useless. The Moby Wrap was my solution to curing all the above dislikes. I cannot say enough about this wrap; I really don't know what I would have without this go round. Kaylinn also enjoys carrying her babies.

Friday, November 20, 2009


We went and tried on our bridesmaid dresses. I was excited that I'd be able to wear spanks under it!

A few of the bridesmaids with bride. Jenny, childhood friend, Carly, roommate, Meg the bride, me, and Kenzie, roommate.

Kaylinn spotted a few dresses she just had to try on as well.

She couldn't take her eyes off herself.

Monday, November 16, 2009

ACU Homecoming

Were able to go to ACU Homecoming back in mid-October. We had a great time. Some of the pictures are better than others.

Our good friends the Lippincotts and Wardens from Cypress came as well. We met up at the carnival.

Kaylinn was thrilled to hold a baby chick and was surprisingly gentle.

John David needed a little more tender care in holding his chick.

Not sure if we are at a KISS concert or showing our wildcat spirit.

John David's not a fan of Willie the Wildcat.
My mom, sister, and I at Kojie breakfast...for those non-ACU, Kojies was the social club I was involved with and my sister is vp this year.
My little sister is not so little any more. She was in Jr. High School when I was at ACU. As vp she was in charge of the entire breakfast and did an awesome job!
Amy Lippincott and I at breakfast.
After breakfast there is always a parade. We were a little late and this is why...
The whole fam.

My sister and one of her roommates, Carly.

Lissie and soon-to-be Uncle Trey.

Look who we ran into, cousin Hudson!

Later on Saturday there was a alumni KJK vs. Siggie flag football game. It was SO much fun! With lots of help from my good friend Rachelanne, I made these shirts for the girls. On the backs was the year they would pledge Kojies. Lissie's pledge class...2028!

Go KJK...can that bow be any bigger???


I was fortunate enough to get to play with Amy.

Our team...Meg didn't play but will get to next year!