Monday, November 23, 2009

Really...4 years?

I cannot believe I have a 4 year old! It is such a blessing being Kaylinn's mommy. She is a precious gift to David and I, and I thank God every day for her. Anyone who has ever met Kaylinn knows that she has a mind of her own and has the energy of about 3 kids...I wish I could bottle some. She definitely keeps us on our toes. I just LOVE this little spit-fire of a girl!!!

I was trying to get John David to put his fists on his hips like superman...this was a close as he could get, his armpits.

My sweet mom took cake responsibility from, and boy am I glad she did. She did an AWESOME job, and Kaylinn just loved it!

Kaylinn even helped decorate. Can you guess where?

The best part of the cake was the surprise inside...WOW! ROY G BV came in handy when putting this cake together.

Sweet Carter

A little something for the superheros

And of course something for the princesses!
Kaylinn continues to talk about her party and of course what kind of party she is going to have next year. She had a blast! And each year just gets better.
A few things about our kk:
1. wears size 10 in most shoes, size 11 in tennis shoes
2. writes, draws, throws right handed
3. loves anything with art, especially if it's messy (at the moment enjoys writing letters)
4. 50th percentile in every area of growth and always has been
5. loves her friends but is independent...she does play rough
6. very aware of surroundings, and the more different a person is from her the more likely she is to copy what they are doing or ask questions...very loud questions
7. loves the t.v.
8. will speak her version of Spanish, which is not Spanish
9. loves to dance
10. is all girl but prefers to play with the boys
11. gets up about 5 times after being put in bed at night
12. most days still takes an hour and half nap
13. loves to know what's going to happen during the day when she wakes in the morning
14. bedtime is 7 but usually doesn't go to sleep until 9
15. wakes around my alarm clock
16. acts like she's 16 some days
17. loves, loves her baby sister and most days her brother...she is a great big sis
18. afraid of the dark and bugs
19. favorite thing to eat...anything sweet and gum
20. loves the outdoors and playing in the water
21. enjoys helping in the kitchen, holding doors and getting things for Lissie



I am so bummed I didn't get a piece of that rainbow colored cake! And the favors - Justin is missing out not having one of those to sport around with/ Such good ideas! Sorry we missed out.