Thursday, July 23, 2009

July 4th

For the 4th of July my immediate family went to our family's farm called the 4-O. It's one of my favorite places in the world, which is the main reason why David and I chose to get married there. Anyways, we had a blast!!! My only regret is that I did not get a picture of all the whole family or even family units. I've got to start making a list of pictures I want to take before going places. Also, I've been trying some different settings on my camera, which is why the lighting, etc. looks different picture to picture.

This is what happens in my house when mommy tries to pack!

The sisters...I love that Kaylinn and Lissie have each other.

The cousins. Audrey is always so great with Kaylinn. I pray Kaylinn is as sweet to others.
Making silly faces!

Happy face! A good friend of mine, Shelley, taught me how to make bows. I am so thankful, especially having two heads to only took me 3 1/2 years to learn!

Addie and John David having a great time with Poppie.

Hmmm...John David found something in his nose.... you go Addie! John David's always such a giver.

Sweet Addie.

John David and Addie. Notice that Addie is looking down on John David; they are only a month apart. I guess it helps that Addie's mom is 6', and it hurts that John David's mommy is only 5'2".

kissing cousins

These two look a little ragged. By the way Kaylinn is holding leaves or "salad" she is going to make for us to enjoy later.

Of course we did some fireworks!

John David was most interested in touching the flames.

The newly engaged couple. Meg and Trey.

Oh how sweet!

Kaylinn wasn't as fond of the bigger or noisier firecrackers.

John David was also concerned.

The Tuley children. John David (2), Kaylinn (3), Lissie (3m).

I can't wait to make more memories! Next time I will be sure to take pictures of everyone.

Monday, July 13, 2009


A few stories I have to share about Kaylinn:

Story #1
Kaylinn's friend Drew was at our house the other day. As they were eating lunch and I was feeding Lissie, I couldn't help but over hear their conversation. Kaylinn was talking about her birthday party, a daily occurrence at our house (her birthday's in Nov.). She was telling Drew that she was going to have a princess party with real princesses. She also told him that he could come. They real kicker came when she said, " and Drew, I'll let you dance with me." Oh how nice of you Kaylinn!

Story #2
We were driving around yesterday evening looking into some different neighborhoods. The sun was setting and in Kaylinn's eyes. She asked to wear my sunglasses, and I told her that I needed them. She had figured out that she could wear my sunglasses, and I could just turn my head to where the sun wasn't in my eyes. Nice Kaylinn!

Story #3 My Favorite
Now I've never been a person who looses baby weight quickly, I wish I were one of those who became Popsicle when nursing; however, I tend to hang on to an extra 20lbs. until I am done nursing; being 5'2" really doesn't help either....anyways, all that to be said because I know I look a lot different these days, and after John David, Kaylinn lacked the vocab. to express how different I looked.

Over the 4th of July we went to the 4-O to celebrate. The kids stayed up later than normal, so in order to expedite the bedtime routine David took a shower with John David, while I was so lucky to shower with sweet Kaylinn. Before we got out of the shower Kaylinn began to need & rub my tummy and then proceeded to tell me that she was making a cake. Way to make a girl feel good! Hey, at least she's stoped rubbing my tummy and asking when our next baby is coming.


Derek (David's brother), Jodi, and Hudson were able to make it to Houston for a visit. We had a great time. I wish they were closer so John David could get some more play time with Hudson. It's so fun to have cousins. My mom thinks Hudson looks a lot like Kaylinn. I'd never thought about it but I do see the Tuley resemblance.

David, John David, Hudson, and Derek

The boy crew again with grandpa

Kaylinn driving the boat.
Waiting to get the boys in the picture
Out of about 15...this was the best one I got. Do you think they will ever sit still?

Say "CHEESE" Hudson....I have to say that face does remind me of Kaylinn!

As we continue to add to the members to our family, my mom decided that we would celebrate family birthdays every 2 months. In June we got together for May/June birthdays. We went to a restaurant called Clay's Restaurant, which is perfect for kids. I'd actually gone earlier in the month with a group of friends. They have sandboxes, animals to feed , and plenty of space to run.

John David was in LOVE with horses. It was hard to pry him away.

Kaylinn with her horse feed.
Kaylinn in the sandbox....wherever there is sand there you shall find Kaylinn.

Kaylinn loves her older cousin Audrey. Audrey is always so sweet to Kaylinn. It's fun to watch them together.

Here Cullen at about 1 month, and this how he can usually be found...sleeping. He is such a good and sweet baby. We are so excited to a boy cousin on the Bonine side.
I did manage to get one of him awake.

Here's Lissie at two months. I love this sweet girl!!!


Well I've been a little absent lately. We are a one computer family right now, and the computer I use is David's work which means I don't get to get on until he gets home. It is kind of freeing.

There has been a lot going on in the Tuley house. I've really enjoyed being home with the kids this summer with no set schedule to follow. Mainly, we very recently put our house on the market. Another reason for not exhausted! Here are a few pictures from May.

First Mother's Day with all three. As you can see attempting to get a picture with all my children didn't work..... we took individual pictures!

This was taken at the end of the day...mommy looks a little tired!
Another big event took place...I turned 30!

David and I enjoyed a delicious and child free dinner with my family. It was nice being able to complete a sentence!