Friday, April 29, 2011

Funny Kaylinn Stories


Story #1 happened 2 weeks ago. We went to Wednesday night church, and as usual I bathed the kids before we left because we get home too late. I set out a cute dress for Kaylinn to put on because she LOVES dresses and skirts. When we got home Kaylinn jumped out of the car and dress jumped with her. It was then that I noticed she wasn't wearing any PANTIES!!! I was mortified to say the least, and I asked her about it. Her response was, "Don't worry, mom, I didn't show anyone." WHAT?????? Never did I think to remind her about underwear, just assumed that was a known part of the wardrobe. I'll be paying for kids in her Bible class to go to therapy for years.

Story #2 happened last week. Kaylinn was invited to spend the night with her cousin, Audrey. She was stoked to say the least. In all her excitement she told me that she wish Ashley (her aunt) was her mom. I just kind of smirked and asked her "Why?". Her reply was, "Because she is SO beautiful!"....then followed it with, "but your cute too." I just almost peed my pants laughing. I wish I could video tape these moments when they happen.

Christmas at the Z

I am very blessed to have a couple of parents who have blessed me with a new computer. My progress has been ever so slow getting to know my new pal, as I do not consider myself a technical person, and I've found myself in the past neglecting certain things like Bible study, dishes, laundry and oh the children!....soooo in an effort to not get consumed, I set a time limit during the day when Bible study is done, kids are playing nicely, and the house is not a complete disaster. All in all I have about 5 minutes.

My real hope is that I can spend some time at night gaining some proficiency with my new buddy in hopes that it will not take me as long to get things done. Still trying to figure out how to get my photos organized in Aperture how I want them and how to the pictures to my blog and facebook. I get really frustrated in that I want to be able to do what I want, when I want to do it, and without much I'm just sounding like my kids!!!!

My first post back happened this past Christmas. My grandmother held a Christmas party at the new chimp exhibit at the zoo. As always we had a great time being together. I love my Meemaw so very much! She has been such a godly example in my life, and I owe a lot of great childhood memories to she and my grandfather. I can only pray I am more like her, and I do believe every year she gets more beautiful!

Goofy Meggan
Me, Meemaw, and Meg
Meemaw and me
Meg, our mom, and me
A rare photo: Me with the love of my life.....I am EXTREMELY blessed!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1st Day of School

Well it's been a long time since the last post, and I'm not sure if anyone out there still looks at this. The kids had their first day of school last week, and we are all enjoying it!

Kaylinn struck a pose, so of course John David decided he needed to as well.

John David with his teacher Mrs. Epps.
Kaylinn with her teacher, Mrs. Derouen...pronounced Der-won

Lissie enjoyed her time alone with momma.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter and Prayer

We had Lissie's 1st birthday on Saturday, and it was so much fun. I'm hoping to get back to posting pictures soon!

There has been a lot going on in the Tuley family. For those who don't know, my oldest brother, Michael, passed away from a brain aneurysm almost 2 weeks ago. Michael was surrounded by family & friends when he took his last breath. It was the worst day of my life, and yet in saying that, it was not a hopeless day. God was carrying us as we "cheered" Michael home. We sang songs, read scripture over him, held his hands, and my mom and Ashley worked hard making Michael's last few moments on this earth comfortable. I find comfort knowing Michael knew and loved Jesus, and without knowing that I could not bare to rise out of bed each about feeling hopeless! I still cannot fathom life without faith and hope in Jesus Christ. The same God who made Michael whole and perfect again is the same God who promises to walk beside & at times carry us through this valley. The tears continue to flow, but God is good ALL the time! As our preacher reminded us on Sunday,
"For the unbeliever [in Jesus Christ] this world is as good as it's going to get; for the believer [in Jesus Christ] this world is as bad as it's going to get."

I do have a prayer request. Due to family history, my other brother and I will be getting a MRI and MRA done this week to see if there are any abnormalities. We will have this done every 10 years, and when our children turn 20 they to will have these test run every 10 years.

Words cannot even begin to tell you how thankful I am for all the cards, emails, texts, & phone calls. We feel your prayers...THANK YOU!!!

In the midst of all of this David and I moved. We are still in Cypress and love our new home; however we are moving in ever so slowly. (Again, I hope to post pictures soon!)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Well it has happened...


1.) Yes that is gum in Kaylinn's hair. Thankfully it wasn't at the scalp!

2.) The next story is something that I have feared since becoming a mother. I locked all 3 kids in the car last Tuesday. We had just pulled into the driveway from running errands to take naps. I jumped out of the car, pushed what I thought was the unlock button, threw my keys on my seat, and closed the door. I pulled on John David's door and just went numb as it didn't open. Even though I was at home both sets of keys were locked in my car (long story but lets just say I am mom of 3 small children who doesn't always think clearly...I use to be a very responsible person before kids). Anyways, I then preceded to bribe, threaten and coerce Kaylinn in getting out of her car seat. She can unbuckle the top but can't quite muster the strength for the bottom button. After many tears and discussion, she looked at me with exhaustion and yelled, "Call 9-9-1 mommy, call 9-9-1...the police can help us!" I am guessing they have talked about 9-1-1 at school because I know I sure haven't. I don't know if makes me a bad mom for not wanting to call 911, but I really didn't want sirens blaring and I wasn't too sure they wouldn't call CPS or write me a ticket. The kids did eventually get out of the car. David called AAA for me...I did hesitate a brief second about going inside a getting a few things done while my children were strapped in their car seats, but I thought it might look bad if the triple A guy had to knock on my door with the kids still in the car. To say the least I am thankful it was a cold day, and I was parked in my garage. Lissie fussed a little but went to sleep. John David was busy playing with his cars. Kaylinn, however, was very disappointed the police didn't rescue her.


Just thought I'd post my Thanksgiving pictures before I do my Christmas post!

John David wearing his fall hat after nap.
Kaylinn's bday was the day after her last day of MDO before the break. She was very excited about her hat.
We took snacks to school...K and 4 cookies.

I split time going back and forth between Kaylinn and John David's classrooms.

This year we had Thanksgiving with my family at the 4-O.

Since we weren't going to be at the 4-O for Christmas we did our gingerbread house contest. We divide into teams and do our best to shine. Boogie was super excited KK was on her team (Kaylinn usually eats about half the candy that is supposed to go on the house).

Here is Kaylinn with her house...she was so proud! Kind of looks like it belongs in a Dr. Seuss book.

My team was made up of my cousin Beau, sis in-law Ashley, myself and John David. We decided to go with a red-neck log cabin complete with a satellite dish, tires in the yard and tin roof.

Two teams took it to a new level by adding real trees and electricity.
One team even made a little pet dog. Each team wins a prize and it always is SO much FUN!

Lissie enjoyed a little pumpkin pie herself.

My brother Jarod brought bache again this year, and we had a blast playing.

Kaylinn in her Thanksgiving attire.

Meemaw with the two newest family members. You wouldn't know it by looking at them but Cullen is a month younger than his cousin, Lissie.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Prayer Request

This prayer request is on behalf of another family. When I got home Saturday from celebrating Thanksgiving with my family, I had a chance to check my email and discovered that one of John David's classmate's mom lost her battle with cervical cancer. Please lift the Grant family up in prayer. Thank you!