Monday, December 28, 2009

Well it has happened...


1.) Yes that is gum in Kaylinn's hair. Thankfully it wasn't at the scalp!

2.) The next story is something that I have feared since becoming a mother. I locked all 3 kids in the car last Tuesday. We had just pulled into the driveway from running errands to take naps. I jumped out of the car, pushed what I thought was the unlock button, threw my keys on my seat, and closed the door. I pulled on John David's door and just went numb as it didn't open. Even though I was at home both sets of keys were locked in my car (long story but lets just say I am mom of 3 small children who doesn't always think clearly...I use to be a very responsible person before kids). Anyways, I then preceded to bribe, threaten and coerce Kaylinn in getting out of her car seat. She can unbuckle the top but can't quite muster the strength for the bottom button. After many tears and discussion, she looked at me with exhaustion and yelled, "Call 9-9-1 mommy, call 9-9-1...the police can help us!" I am guessing they have talked about 9-1-1 at school because I know I sure haven't. I don't know if makes me a bad mom for not wanting to call 911, but I really didn't want sirens blaring and I wasn't too sure they wouldn't call CPS or write me a ticket. The kids did eventually get out of the car. David called AAA for me...I did hesitate a brief second about going inside a getting a few things done while my children were strapped in their car seats, but I thought it might look bad if the triple A guy had to knock on my door with the kids still in the car. To say the least I am thankful it was a cold day, and I was parked in my garage. Lissie fussed a little but went to sleep. John David was busy playing with his cars. Kaylinn, however, was very disappointed the police didn't rescue her.


The Fox Family

Aaahh! Crazy story! My mom actually just did the same thing with Laney on their way back from a trip to Dallas. They were stopped for gas, and she accidently locked Laney in the car. She begged and pleaded for Laney to put down the dvd player, get out of her car seat and unlock the door, but Laney was insistent that she did not want to break the dvd player. It took a LOT of pleading, but finally she got Laney to unlock the door for her. I have locked my own keys in the car (right next to the car seat) so many times, but I am lucky enough to have a number pad on my door. Otherwise, I am sure CPS would have had to step in already! :)


Oh Katie,you are not alone with locking kids in the car. I did it several times when my kids were little...the fire department came to my rescue twice,and I won't say what I did the last time when Beau was a baby.
Your children are adorable!
Lynn Kahla

The Davidson Family

Too funny! Matt and I both laughed out loud. Just the mental picture of you begging Kaylinn is funny enough.


It really is sort of funny! 9-9-1! Too cute! =)