Friday, April 29, 2011

Funny Kaylinn Stories


Story #1 happened 2 weeks ago. We went to Wednesday night church, and as usual I bathed the kids before we left because we get home too late. I set out a cute dress for Kaylinn to put on because she LOVES dresses and skirts. When we got home Kaylinn jumped out of the car and dress jumped with her. It was then that I noticed she wasn't wearing any PANTIES!!! I was mortified to say the least, and I asked her about it. Her response was, "Don't worry, mom, I didn't show anyone." WHAT?????? Never did I think to remind her about underwear, just assumed that was a known part of the wardrobe. I'll be paying for kids in her Bible class to go to therapy for years.

Story #2 happened last week. Kaylinn was invited to spend the night with her cousin, Audrey. She was stoked to say the least. In all her excitement she told me that she wish Ashley (her aunt) was her mom. I just kind of smirked and asked her "Why?". Her reply was, "Because she is SO beautiful!"....then followed it with, "but your cute too." I just almost peed my pants laughing. I wish I could video tape these moments when they happen.


The Junods

I'm about to pee in MY pants. That is hilarious! You are cute and she is pantiless! Tell my daughter-in-law to keep or put her drawers on! We don't the cart before horse! Goodness gracious that makes me miss all the Tuleys! Love you love you!!

PS so glad you're back in the tech world and so so happy about your new mac!! fun stuff and yes, overwhelming to get started and be efficient. it will come!