Monday, July 13, 2009


A few stories I have to share about Kaylinn:

Story #1
Kaylinn's friend Drew was at our house the other day. As they were eating lunch and I was feeding Lissie, I couldn't help but over hear their conversation. Kaylinn was talking about her birthday party, a daily occurrence at our house (her birthday's in Nov.). She was telling Drew that she was going to have a princess party with real princesses. She also told him that he could come. They real kicker came when she said, " and Drew, I'll let you dance with me." Oh how nice of you Kaylinn!

Story #2
We were driving around yesterday evening looking into some different neighborhoods. The sun was setting and in Kaylinn's eyes. She asked to wear my sunglasses, and I told her that I needed them. She had figured out that she could wear my sunglasses, and I could just turn my head to where the sun wasn't in my eyes. Nice Kaylinn!

Story #3 My Favorite
Now I've never been a person who looses baby weight quickly, I wish I were one of those who became Popsicle when nursing; however, I tend to hang on to an extra 20lbs. until I am done nursing; being 5'2" really doesn't help either....anyways, all that to be said because I know I look a lot different these days, and after John David, Kaylinn lacked the vocab. to express how different I looked.

Over the 4th of July we went to the 4-O to celebrate. The kids stayed up later than normal, so in order to expedite the bedtime routine David took a shower with John David, while I was so lucky to shower with sweet Kaylinn. Before we got out of the shower Kaylinn began to need & rub my tummy and then proceeded to tell me that she was making a cake. Way to make a girl feel good! Hey, at least she's stoped rubbing my tummy and asking when our next baby is coming.



was she making a chocolate cake? that is hilarious! i laughed out loud. and your photos are turning out fantastic! and i love your hair on mother's day. consider your 20 extra pounds a party favor until the 1st bday party....

Libby and Kenny

So funny. My friend's little girl asked her in the hospital why they forgot to take the other baby out of her. Happy 30th birthday!

The Templeton's

You should be a proud momma that she is willing to allow even her guy pals to come to her birthday party!

The Hicks

Kaylinn is too funny. You look beautiful as always...

Lissie is so precious. I hope I get to meet her soon!