Monday, July 13, 2009


Derek (David's brother), Jodi, and Hudson were able to make it to Houston for a visit. We had a great time. I wish they were closer so John David could get some more play time with Hudson. It's so fun to have cousins. My mom thinks Hudson looks a lot like Kaylinn. I'd never thought about it but I do see the Tuley resemblance.

David, John David, Hudson, and Derek

The boy crew again with grandpa

Kaylinn driving the boat.
Waiting to get the boys in the picture
Out of about 15...this was the best one I got. Do you think they will ever sit still?

Say "CHEESE" Hudson....I have to say that face does remind me of Kaylinn!

As we continue to add to the members to our family, my mom decided that we would celebrate family birthdays every 2 months. In June we got together for May/June birthdays. We went to a restaurant called Clay's Restaurant, which is perfect for kids. I'd actually gone earlier in the month with a group of friends. They have sandboxes, animals to feed , and plenty of space to run.

John David was in LOVE with horses. It was hard to pry him away.

Kaylinn with her horse feed.
Kaylinn in the sandbox....wherever there is sand there you shall find Kaylinn.

Kaylinn loves her older cousin Audrey. Audrey is always so sweet to Kaylinn. It's fun to watch them together.

Here Cullen at about 1 month, and this how he can usually be found...sleeping. He is such a good and sweet baby. We are so excited to a boy cousin on the Bonine side.
I did manage to get one of him awake.

Here's Lissie at two months. I love this sweet girl!!!


Wendi Junod

oh my gosh...those kids are beautiful and they just keep getting more and more beautiful! L totally has the tuley eyes and i can't get over kaylinn's pic with the horse feed. who cares she's holding horse feed, its gorgeous. love little JD too. the fish shirts are awesome. and yes, i agree with annie...hudson looks just like KK.

A Growing Family

Great pics of the kids (even if they aren't sitting still!) Lizzie is so big and gorgeous!! I have wondered what it would be like to have a house on the market with so many little ones- it has swayed me from wanting to move. Good luck, I hope it sells quick.

Jana Green

Hey Katie,

I just refound your blog, and man your family is changing fast. In the second picture with the yellow hat your oldest daughter looks just like Megan. It's amazing. I think that's the best part of having kids (or at least ONE of the best parts).....seeing your family in them. It looks like you are having fun, and you look great in the pics in the post before this. (Mother's day)

Good 'seeing' you, congrats to Megan on the engagement, and stop on over at my blog, if you feel like 'catching' up with me.

Jana (Varley) Green