Monday, November 16, 2009

ACU Homecoming

Were able to go to ACU Homecoming back in mid-October. We had a great time. Some of the pictures are better than others.

Our good friends the Lippincotts and Wardens from Cypress came as well. We met up at the carnival.

Kaylinn was thrilled to hold a baby chick and was surprisingly gentle.

John David needed a little more tender care in holding his chick.

Not sure if we are at a KISS concert or showing our wildcat spirit.

John David's not a fan of Willie the Wildcat.
My mom, sister, and I at Kojie breakfast...for those non-ACU, Kojies was the social club I was involved with and my sister is vp this year.
My little sister is not so little any more. She was in Jr. High School when I was at ACU. As vp she was in charge of the entire breakfast and did an awesome job!
Amy Lippincott and I at breakfast.
After breakfast there is always a parade. We were a little late and this is why...
The whole fam.

My sister and one of her roommates, Carly.

Lissie and soon-to-be Uncle Trey.

Look who we ran into, cousin Hudson!

Later on Saturday there was a alumni KJK vs. Siggie flag football game. It was SO much fun! With lots of help from my good friend Rachelanne, I made these shirts for the girls. On the backs was the year they would pledge Kojies. Lissie's pledge class...2028!

Go KJK...can that bow be any bigger???


I was fortunate enough to get to play with Amy.

Our team...Meg didn't play but will get to next year!