Monday, November 23, 2009

3 Wild Indians

For Halloween this year the kids went as the 3 little Indians, but I renamed them the 3 wild Indians. I have to say I was not a very good mommy. Kaylinn wanted to go as a princess, so I just slowly planted the idea that she could be Pocahontas if she wanted; I was surprised that she went for it eventually.

We went up to church for the fall festival, and the kids loved it. Later, David took Kaylinn trick-or-treating , while Tonto and I stayed behind to hand out candy. When David and Kaylinn got back, Kaylinn helped in handing out candy and had more fun in the giving than the receiving...shocking since she ask for candy every single morning when she wakes.

The only place in the U.S. where you can get away with wearing a loin cloth in October.

My sis in-law had gotten these for her little boy, not realizing they had purple (she thought they were blue). It worked out perfect for our littlest Indian. Thank you Aunt Chandra!


The Junods

I'm dying laughing and LOVING these babies of your's. Those costumes are THE BEST. I'm serious...they get my 2009 award of best costume. so cute and funny too! Nice work on the "no princess" yes "Pocahontas".

And the descriptions of KK just make me smile and miss the Tuleys even more. She's one of a kind but similar to the 4 year old in our house. Love the party we missed :( So sad. Cute capes and tutus! Loved that! KK looked adorable!!