Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Few Updates

My Mom:
I am so thankful for all who lifted my mom in prayer. This last surgery she went through proves to be paying off. Her doctor made her stay off of her ankle longer, but the bones are fusing together, which they did not see happen with the last surgery. She is up and putting weight on it, and things are looking really well!

As some of you know, Kaylinn has had bouts of unexplainable dizzy spells. The first happened last May, and she has had three episodes since the end of January of this year. David and I have been in prayer about what measures to take. I just got off the phone with a really great family friend who is highly involved with the Texas Children's Pediatric Neurology team who are called "Blue Birds." They deal with some really terrible things in children. Anyways, our friend, Susan, went and talked to Dr. Zellner on our behalf this afternoon (we gave her a complete history of what we have been seeing, along with who we had already taken her to see & what they said, and blood work). Dr. Zellner gave us some great news. He felt very confident that it was a condition called BPPV or Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (sp?), which sounds bad, but basically means that it's an inner ear thing she will eventually grow out of.....YEAH!!! So if you are around Kaylinn and she starts to look really off balance (may even fall) and her eyes are trying to catch the room, just hold her until it's over. She then goes on like nothing ever happened. Praise GOD!!!

Me and Baby Tuley:
Well I am 1 day past my due date, which I just remind myself is just a guess. I was checked today and was 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. So there is some progress. I go in Friday to have an ultrasound to check fluids and have a stress test done. I REALLY DO NOT want to be induced. Please pray for God's timing in the arrival of this baby. I am ready but also great with what God has I think I'll go and have bowl of ice cream!



I had been thinking of you lately and trying to remember when you were due. I'll be praying for you that things happen quickly. Can't wait to find out what that new little baby is.
That's great news on your mom and Kaylinn too.

Wendi Junod

Awesome! That is all very good info and answer to prayer! so so so thankful to hear that about Kaylinn. Also looking forward to hearing about your week and weekend. Hopefully baby is here sooner rather than later. Praying for no induction. LvU!

A Growing Family

I will pray for you the arrival of the new bundle of joy. Your patience will pay off!

Tiger and DeAndria

I'm glad to hear that Kaylinn's condition has a diagnosis and isn't something extremely serious (even though it sounds scary).

Your first two babies were late, so did you really think the third one would be any different. :)

We will keep you and the family in our prayers