Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I thought since Kaylinn is still singing Christmas songs, it would be okay to upload my Christmas photos. These are not terribly great. I am still figuring out my new camera and waiting to take a class to learn how to use it. I am also still figuring out how to add pictures...these are out of order.

Over at David's Parents. All the kids loved Kaylinn's keyboard.
Left to right: Hudson, Kaylinn, & John David

How sweet! Hudson's already showing what a good sharer he is!

Hudson wasn't too excited about the cousin picture.

I don't think John David let go of that ball all Christmas morning.

All the kids waiting to see what Santa brought them. The 4 matching PJ's are cousins. The 3 boys not matching are brothers and my first cousins!
Kaylinn showing us her dance moves. I wish I had it on film; she kind of reminded me of Elaine dancing on Seinfeld. As soon as she saw this dress my mom got her she HAD to put it on and twirl around. The music she danced to was provided by the ballerina music box Aunt Mary got her. She had a ball!!!

John David peeking inside to see what Annie and Poppie gave him.

Kaylinn getting ready to decorate a gingerbread house, which shamefully I did not get a picture of. We had a gingerbread decorating contest this year. My whole family broke up into teams. My sister, Kaylinn, and I were on one team, and if any of you know Meggan, you know how serious she takes winning (she's not the only one in my family that is this way). If anyone has decorated a gingerbread house with a 3 yr. old, you know how helpful they can be. So to say the least Kaylinn didn't touch the house all that much, but she did eat her fair share of the decorating candy. In the end everyone won some sort of prize for their masterpiece.
I promise next year I will take more and better pictures AND post them before it warms up!