Monday, August 24, 2009

Joihn David's 2nd Birthday

I'm least for the moment. Hopefully I'll post more soon, but don't hold you breath! We celebrated John David's 2nd birthday at the end of July. I cannot believe he's already 2!!! John David brings such joy to our family. Here are a few facts about our little man:
*uses his left hand mostly
*LOVES animal figures, balls, trucks, bacon, & climbing
*loves his sisters...even wipes the drool from Lissie's mouth
*sounds like a sailor when he says truck, sheep, & eyes
*wants to make up quickly
*gets the strangest injuries...he bruised the top of his ear somehow *has a sweet and gentle spirit
*gets embarrassed when you catch him dancing or singing...just like his daddy
*when he smiles he tilts his head to the side and usually laughs as well
*wants to hold your hand during prayers
*loves giving hugs & squeezes tight
*enjoys being read to; as a baby he didn't enjoy this activity so much
*doesn't stay with one activity for too long
*STATS: weight-26lbs. height-35in. shoe size 6 1/2-7

He enjoyed his favorite breakfast...eggs, cinnamon toast & of course, bacon.

We had JDT's party at our church gym. It was PERFECT!

Can you guess the theme?

We rented a bouncer, which the birthday boy wanted nothing to with, but the big kids had a blast.

Some of the mommies with the little babies.

Lissie up close.

Our family.

A little take home gift.

We love you John David and are so blessed to be your parents!


Wendi Junod

Such a fun party. So sorry we missed it. Love those fun facts about JDT. He's such a sweetheart. I know you're proud and I especially know his Daddy is proud. He's a mini-me!