Thursday, October 2, 2008


Today Kaylinn is wanting to be called Ariel, and she is often heard singing like the little red headed mermaid. In fact when people ask her name that is what she tells them, and some believe her! I wish I could figure out how to add video clips; David managed to get her on tape singing a few is hilarious! I find much of my day laughing at the things she says and does. Just yesterday she was waving to a group of neighborhood kids across th street and yelling, "Bye, Good-bye friends!" After getting inside I asked her what her friend's names were, and she told me, "Cinderella, Marlin, Nemo, and ummmm Pita." I have no idea where the name Pita came from. Needless to say most of the people I meet these days are due to Kaylinn taking to them or about them, which can be very scary!

I'll end with one of my favorite Kaylinn stories. Kaylinn and I were making a Walmart run beore John David was born. We were making our way down the cereal isle, when I heard a person's voice who sounded very mechanical, robotic....I guess they had had a trechiotomy (sp?) surgery. Well, I could see Kaylinn perk up and begin to listen intently, so I tried to hurry past, and was just out of range when Kaylinn began to speak like the person, "Mommy, want cereal." I almost died laughing. We met up w/ them again on another isle about the time Kaylinn had stopped her robot talking, but she quickly returned once she heard her friend talking. I smiled, nodded and kept walking.



She is so cute. Kids are so funny; thank God for kids!:) We had a good time with you guys today. Have a great weekend!

Rick & Shara

These stories are hilarious. We will have good laughs telling our kids things that they did when they were little. Congratulations on baby number 3!


Okay, I love that she named the kids after movie characters. I am laughing so hard right now!


Our friends little girl, Rian, likes to think she is Ariel too. The funniest part is that she thinks my husband, Derrick, is prince Eric. She blushes and bats her eyes at him. It's so cute!

I think everyone needs to see the singing clip. Here's how to add a video clip.

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Hope this helps!