Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just one of those days....

Have you ever just had one of those days where your 3 yr.old wakes and "requests" having the last of the english muffins but you insist she share it with her brother...major melt down#1, 2, and 3. Oh and you don't have anymore OJ...melt down #4. It's Tuesday, the cleaning lady comes so you've got to get out of the house, but your son decides to dump all the buckets of toys out...already 30 minutes behind leaving, which means you'll be feeding the new baby while you're out, yeah! While at Walmart, you've got a basket full of stuff when the 3yr. old says, "Mommy, I've got to go potty." in an ever so urgent voice. Pay for the stuff, take cart and all 3 children and cram into the restroom...sweating begins. Get everyone in the car, baby begins screaming because you woke her up putting her into a car seat she hates, and what do you discover, car won't start. A man, who resembles Santa Claus, and your 3 yr.old is now calling, stands at the hood staring at you as you desperately try again and again to start. You get out and he pops the hood and gives you a jump...yes the car starts but sweat continues. Get to Autozone (decide whether or not you can leave kids in the car; better not, so unload and go in). Baby is really worked up and now hungry. You hear yourself tell your children "no" about 100xs. I decided Autozone is really not all that kid friendly, except for all the candy that your kids can't stop touching. Your son decides to make a game out of running around the register; you have a hard time catching him because you've got a screaming, hungry, and sweating infant strapped to you . While waiting for the young man to change your battery, you decide to "pin" your runner by putting him on the counter where he discovers lots of other things to touch and move. To entertain your 3 yr.old, who is now hungry because she didn't eat breakfast because she couldn't have the whole english muffin, you begin to sing "I'm in Lord's Army." I don't think many people in Autozone knew the song, plus your daughter is singing her own version which sounds like Mandarin Chinese. Paid for the battery and left for the grocery store only to discover the front A/C doesn't work....did I mention the sweat and the infant is still screaming. Got to the store, gave the oldest 2 a snack while I tried feeding the infant in the hot car. Baby won't eat, FINE, get out, shop, get back in the car.....yes, A/C now works, get home, baby finally eats, put kids down and collapse on the couch!

Dear God,
Thank you that I have food to feed 3 healthy children. Thank you for Uba who is a life saver by helping clean the house. Thank you for "Santa" who pulled into the right parking spot and was able to jump start my car. Thank you for the young man who was SO nice and changed my battery for me. Thank you for KSBJ and the songs that kept me from loosing it. Thank you for the A/C working again. Thank you for Annie coming to watch the kids while I took Lissie for her 2mos. check up, and then took Kaylinn back to her house for the next 2 days. Thank you for David coming home early. Thank you for allowing me to be able to gather with some friends tonight in fellowship. Thank you for just one of those days that kept me asking for your help and for not giving me more that I could handle. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN!



amen indeed - that just wears me out reading it! :-)

Stacy Fetterman

Perfect example of why I don't leave the house with all 3. :)


Loved reading this! So funny & made me sweat just thinking of it all! Love you & so happy God has blessed you x 3!


Loved this one Katie. You are so funny. Your patience amazes me. I only hope I can handle motherhood so gracefully....Dear Lord please don't let me scream at my kids in public if I'm in a stressful situation such as this!Glad you wrote this one down to share. Hope the Tuley family is doing well this summer and I hope to see you at your big b-day float shin-dig....big belly and all.


I have not stopped laughing! Especially at Kaylinn and Santa Claus!! too funny

Fran Mays

Amen!! You are such a amazing woman, love you...

Kellise McLaurin

Ahh yes, the prayer of a mother!! That type of prayer is said pretty much daily if not more around these parts! I keep waiting for the part where we look back and laugh…not happening yet. We love and miss you guys!!

Wendi Junod

oh sister! i just read this. laughed, hurt, sweat, and cried. i'm worn out and i can't imagine how you felt. thank the LORD for his grace!