Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Tea

This past Thursday, Kaylinn's school had a tea for all the mommies. We were served cake and tea. Kaylinn made me a jewelry box, and inside was a Hershey hug and kiss, which Kaylinn informed me were for her later.

Here's my beautiful handmade, one-of-a-kind box.
Here is a picture Kaylinn drew of me. I think I am still pregnant in this picture.

Here is the information Kaylinn said about me. Do like my name?

Here we are, just the girls. A sweet friend of mine watched John David. Thank you Lynn!

Kaylinn and one of her best friends, Ashley.

I had a great time, and I just love being Kaylinn's mommy. God has filled my life with such a blessing.


Wendi Junod

Please stop...I'm about to pee in my pants listening to the frog story and reading about mamma katie! Such great memories and absolutely so pure! I love it!! You are such an amazing mommy. All 3 babies are so blessed!! miss you tons! Happy Mother's Day! ILVU!


pink hair - that's why i thought your hair looked weird! and the john david post with the hair and the frog - priceless! wouldn't be any better minus the diaper either!

The Hicks

What great pictures! You look amazing (love the hair!) and your kiddos are as precious as ever. I can't wait to meet Lissie.

We need to see each other soon! Let us know if y'all are up this way and if we come down, we'll let you know!