Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Hospital

Here are a few pictures during our short stay at the hospital.

Jenn, Me, and Kim. Lissie was excited to see friends!

Shannon, Me, and who is that little thumb sucker!!! I already have 2 children who suck their thumb. No worries, she hasn't been intrested in it since, so there is still hope she won't take to it! Shannon is a great friend, and she also takes awesome pictures (she took the pictures I first posted of Lissie).

Hello pop-eye!

This is the most aware child I've had. She has been so alert from day one.

Here we are leaving the hospital. Lissie screamed the whole way home, something she shares with my other two as a baby...her despise of the car seat!


Wendi Junod

Dang it! I should be in those pictures! You look amazing, epecially after all you had done! Way to go sister! Great pics. Looks like you took some oxygen home with you :) ha! Love you and can't wait to meet that sweet girl!!


great photos - YOU look so alert as well in those photos. something to be said about no drugs (God willing I never have to try it :-) ). amazing that you are already blogging again - and I'm so behind myself. enjoyed seeing you yesterday - Lissie is such a great baby! maybe you should drop by tomorrow regardless so that we can let the kids play while i give you some camera tutorials....

The Fox Family

You look awesome!! Congratulations on baby Lissie - we can't wait to meet her! I know you are thrilled that she is finally here. I am counting down the days for my little one to arrive!

Leah (Galloway) Flores

Congrats on your second baby girl. I love the name Lissie. So cute! Were your first two pregnancies w/ an epidural? I wish I could do this one natural also. I'm just so scared.

Fran Mays

Wow, you are quite the inspiration! Lissie is such a gorgeous baby, such like her momma. The pictures are great, I can't wait to meet her. Let me know when you're over on this side of town.

Hol and J

Congratulations! Lissie is beautiful and you hardly look like you just had a baby!

Tiger and DeAndria

Congrats, you have a beautiful family!!! Let us know when you guys travel to the land of sugar, and we will come by for a visit.